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What is Auction Acrobat?

Create An Automated Money Machine On eBay Using This Powerful Yet Incredibly Easy To Use Software!Auction Acrobat is not just a software but an automated sales machine that delivers CD/DVD's, build a buyer list, and much much more... Now you can make long term residual income on eBay without selling!

If you’re an eBook publisher, there was no easier way to sell your product then through eBay. You had free traffic, you didn’t need a website or mailing list - it was the perfect way to sell. But just recently eBay stopped allowing the selling of digital goods - bringing a halt, and in some cases completely eliminating some people’s income. The next logical step would be to sell your eBook on CD. Opposed to digital, there are a lot more moving parts. You have to design the CD art and jewel case, create a interactive CD menu and find a vendor that will create the CDs for you and ship them to your customers. Don’t get me wrong though, selling your eBook on CD is great. It makes your eBook seem worth more, the customer has a hard copy of it and it looks more professional. But isn’t there an easier way to sell your product on a CD or DVD? There is, and it’s called Auction Acrobat.

In a nutshell, Auction Acrobat does everything listed above, automatically. It’s an all in one program that allows you to create the jewel case and CD art, create the CD menu, and it even orders the CD automatically with a company called Kunaki. It ties in with PayPal and eBay so as soon as someone purchases your CD eBook it orders the CD with Kunaki. Before we go on, Kunaki is a CD/DVD publishing company that creates and sells your CDs as the orders come in. They don’t create the CD until it’s ordered, so there are no minimums. This means that Auction Acrobat creates a fully residual income for you. All you have to is just create the eBook and CD graphics and you’re done, everything else is done for you, even shipping - because Auction Acrobat tells Kunaki where to ship the CD. Auction Acrobat even collects your customers email, and allows seamless integration with Aweber, GetResponse, and other popular autoresponders.
This software will give you an opportunity to Legally and ethically exploit the HOT unknown niches of eBay that you never knew existed!
Deliver CD/DVD's on complete autopilot. 100% Automation. The software will do all the work for you!
Make consistent income on complete autopilot. This system is proven to work again and again!
Churn out highly profitable buyer leads that will keep buying from you month after month, for years to come...
Make money without selling, this secret inbuilt feature will make you money without lifting a finger. Now eBay will indirectly 'pay' all your PayPal and listing fees!

" Ten Reasons Why Auction Acrobat Can Help Your eBay Business "

Aside from the fact that you don't need a product of your own or the fact that you don't need any marketing skills to sell on eBay, here is what makes Auction Acrobat revolutionary...
Works in every country that eBay supports - No more restrictions! Sell where you want, when you want. Do you have a CD/DVD product targeted to a specific country's audience? No problem, list and receive payments within minutes...

Sell physical CD/DVD's on autopilot - Physical products can be homestudy courses, public domain material, tutorial videos, software, infoproducts with resale rights and other information products.

The software setup takes less than 5 minutes and there are a maximum of four lines of PHP code to edit. We have designed the script keeping the newbie users in mind.

Capture buyer’s physical address if you are interested in direct mail marketing - This is a great way to build a loyal high-end customer base. Currently, this is the hottest communication medium that the million dollar businesses are using.
Capture buyer’s email and add it to your auto-responder or use in a safe way you wish for future promotions - this can be the real cash cow!
100% Compatible With Aweber and GetResponse - there are no forms to fill, no code to edit. All the leads will be automatically added to your autoresponder!
Sell unlimited CD/DVD products on eBay- You can add as many products as you wish within minutes. No more testing, tweaking or other mundane tasks. (Setup once - sell forever!)
Allows MULTIPLE product purchases on eBay through one auction listing - Sell multiple items and pay less for shipping in kunaki (special multiple item discounts). Now, you can offer shipping discounts and destroy your competition!
100% integration with PayPal for your convenience and easy payment options using eBay. eBay swears by PayPal and why wouldn’t it? It bought it after all!

Point. Click. Deliver. It's That's Easy!Easy 4 Step Easy Installation Process

One of the greatest problems with software products is that they are designed by geeky programmers who will only go as far as to make the software work. But remember, we are marketers, we are interested in making money not wasting time figuring out code. This software achieves just that.

The posibilites are truely endless! Now you can completely automate your eBay business and generate consistent income streams with little or no effort on your part.

You can try Auction Acrobat Risk Free for 60 Days!

The truth of the matter is . . . You can do exactly what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they are getting on eBay... OR You can use the incredibly powerful Auction Acrobat software to build a business model that will make you money not only in the "shot-term" but will work for you and keep churning out great results for you "long term."

P.S. With Auction Acrobat, you can make hundreds of dollars and build a highly-profitable buyer list by just selling resale rights, PLR, public domain, and other information products on complete autopilot. You will never have to sweat creating your own product!

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