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ViStart Beta 5 released

ViStart Beta 5 is the standalone Start Menu that runs in Windows XP, and perfectly replaces your Start Menu. It does all of the following:

  • Puts your user image in the upper-right corner, and replaces that image with other graphics as you hover over the menu items on the right side.
  • The Programs menu is actually contained within the Start Menu, instead of popping out like it does in XP. This is a big thing that skins alone were never able to emulate.
  • Search! It doesn?t index your files, but the search bar does pull up matching program names as you type.
  • System Tray icon that you can right-click on to shut-down, restart, or log-off of your computer.

“Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of fast program searching straight from their Start Menu, with ViStart, currently my latest project, Developed under the management of Windows X For the latest Vista Transformation Pack. ViStart brings you the Vista Start Menu for your Windows XP, by replacing your existing XP Start Menu.”

screenshot1_small screenshot2_small

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