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Wordpress Plugin for Increasing Alexa Rankings

The wonderful thing about Wordpress community is, whatever ideas you can think of, there’s plugin for it. Few months ago I was thinking, how about including before all hyperlinks. This will definitely boost the Alexa ranking, because before content reaches destination, they are sent to Alexa to create awareness.

Today, reading from an entry written by Everton of ConnectedInternet, I found a plugin that allows you to do so. This plugin add automatically to all internal links within your blog. Here’s the authors description on the plugin.

Is this a good idea?

I certainly don’t think so. Although this sounds really promising on boosting Alexa, but will this affects google indexing? How will Google treat links that starts with I’ll leave the question to you. Also, by doing that, I assume Alexa will be your direct referral source on links, this can potentially screwed the accuracy of your statistics readings, especially if you are stats freak like me. I want to know exactly who click from where to where.

I’m not writing to encourage the installation of this plugin, but rather creating awareness of such.

Download Alexa Redirect Wordpress Plugin.

1 Comment:

Kaloyan said...

This plugin is no good, since it screws with your links, and in this way diminishing your Google ranking and search results. A better options is to make the Alexa redirecting JavaScript-powered: in this way the HTML will not be modified, and the redirects will still work. I've applied this technique to a new plugin called Better "Alexa Redirect" WordPress plugin. If you are interested about it, visit this URL to learn more about it:

or visit this page to download it: